Visits of different Delegates

Name of the Delegates Purpose
Prof. Philippe Maurin, Director of International Affairs at ENS Lyon And Prof. François Roudier, Director, Department of Biology at ENS Lyon For research opportunities for possible academic/research and exchange collaboration at ENS Lyon and other ENSs, France.
Prof. Chennupati Jagadish, Distinguished Professor, ANU Research School of Physics, ANU College of Science. And Prof. Sasha Mikheyev, Associate Dean (International), ANU College of Science And Mr. Jay Poria, Head, International Relations and Partnerships ANU College of Science ANU College of Health and Medicine The Australian National University To provide both the Institutions an opportunity to learn more about each other and explore partnerships across research and education
Prof. Pascal Mognol (President) Prof. Arnaud Debussche (Dean of Research and International Affairs) Dr. Martinus Werts (adjunct professor and CNRS researcher) Regarding the scope of the IISERB-ENS internship
Prof. Hidehiro Sakurai (Division of Applied Chemistry, School of Engineering, Osaka University, Japan) For the promotion of various courses available at Osaka University like introduction of Chemical Science Course from this academic year and the Research Activity in Sakurai Group
Prof. Chu-Young Kim (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, The University of Texas at El Paso) To deliver the scientific talk on ” Dirty Chemistry”
Dr. Sandrine Maximilien (French Embassy) Enhancement of Indo French Scientific Cooperation and information on student’s mobility
Dr. Bertrand De Hartingh (Counsellor for Cooperation and Cultural Affairs,
French Embassy in India and Director of the Institute Français India)
Enhancement of Indo French Scientific Cooperation and various prospects to introduce French as a part of the curriculum
Prof. BVR Chowdari (Senior Executive Director, President’s Office, Nanyang
Technological University (NTU), Singapore)
Academic and research collaboration with Nanyang Technological University (NTU)  (NTU)
Mr. Hiroshi Yoshino (Director, University of Tokyo India Office) Dr. Tomoko Nasukawa (Executive Director & Vice President, Hyogo
University of Teacher Education)
Opportunities available for higher studies and Research in Japan
Ms. Noriko Nasukawa (Nihongo Center President) Higher Studies and Research in Japan

Ms Gaëlle Lienhardta (Representative, Campus France Indore)

Opportunities available for higher education in France

Prof. Keitaro Nakatani

(Vice-président chargé de la Recherche, and Professor of Chemistry, ENS Paris-Saclay)

Opportunities available for Research in ENS program, France

Ms.  Arbinder Pal (Trade Commissioner,
Consulate General of Canada in Mumbai)

Available Research and Education Opportunities in Canada 

Mr. Yanick Ricard (VP for Research)
Consulate General of Canada in Mumbai)

Opportunities available for Research in France. Also, there was a MoU signed between the IISER Network and ENS Paris during their visit to India. 
Mrs. Severine Dalynjak-Bresciani (Manager, International Cooperation ENS Lyon) Prof. Keitaro Nakatani (VP, Research ENS Paris Saclay) Mrs. Sandrine Maximilien (French Embassy in India) Opportunities available for higher studies and Research in Japan